country boy to doctor


Who is Dr. Jesse Lang?

> Country boy to Suburban doctor
> Post factory worker/bartender/water treatment operator etc.
> Strong work ethic
> Passionate about helping others
> Animal-lover
> Music appreciator
> Loyal
> Sincere
> Father to two daughters

What does he like?

> Traveling (mostly to warm climates)
> Water (swimming, boating, floating)
> Music (listening and playing)
> Spending time with friends and family
> Foodie- trying new restaurants, as well as cooking.

Why him?

> Doctor of Chiropractic- Logan University (2009)
> Master of Sports Science & Rehabilitation- Logan University (2009)
> In practice for 10+ years, has owned practice for almost 3 years
> Experience in various practice settings with diverse patient needs
> Wide patient-base from newborns to older adults
> Certification in Acute Management of Traumatic Injuries (AMTI)- Spinal Trauma


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Who is Elizabeth Mooney?

> Director of Operations at Shorewood Elite Healthcare
> Certified Mental Health Counselor
> Prior work with victims of domestic violence, PTSD, substance abusers
> Empathetic
> Loyal
> Life-long learner
> Solution-focused
> Mother to two (and 3 dogs)

What does she like?

> Traveling (love warm climates, without mosquitos)
> Watching daughter play softball and volleyball
> Red wine, fresh sushi, strong coffee
> Dogs and elephants
> Confident people who can show humility
> Bravo reality shows

Why her?

> Pursuing PhD in Forensic Mental Health
> Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling
> Dr. Jesse’s +1
> Intelligent, passionate, and driven


> Born and raised in Joliet, IL. She knows the community well!
> Graduated from Joliet West and Joliet Junior College (Her dad is an Honors Biology professor…the apple doesn’t fall too far).
> Has 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother.
> Has experience as an admin assistant and a nanny….Jack of all trades!

What does she like?

> Photography and traveling.
> Loves the outdoors…hiking, kayaking, biking, you name it!
> Enjoys cooking and trying new foods.
> Loves kids and they love her!

Why her?

> Reliable, dependable…willing and able.
> Outgoing and friendly
> Task-driven…get the job done type of gal.
> Flexible
> People-person
> Organized

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Meet Kristen Czupryn

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 8 years. After finishing my training at the Wellness and Massage Training Institute, I began my career working for a chiropractor before opening my own business in Joliet. I have been in business for 5 years and am glad to be back in Shorewood and working closely with Dr. Jesse.

I believe every massage should be unique to the person receiving it. I work with my clients to provide a massage that focuses on their problem areas using the amount of pressure the client is comfortable with. Not every problem can be solved the same way and what is needed during one session often changes for the next. By listening to my clients and assessing their muscles, I can work with their bodies to help alleviate pain and reduce tension.