Elizabeth Mooney isn’t just our Director of Operations; she’s the anchor that keeps us steady. As a Certified Mental Health Counselor with a deep grasp of the human condition, her journey includes uplifting survivors of domestic violence, aiding those grappling with PTSD, and supporting individuals overcoming substance abuse. Her empathy runs deep, fueling her mission to heal and uplift. Known for her unwavering loyalty, Elizabeth embodies the spirit of a lifelong learner, always ready to face challenges with a solution-oriented mindset.

What Lights Up Elizabeth’s Life?

Elizabeth thrives on the joy of travel, especially to places where the sun shines bright and mosquitoes don’t dare to venture. She cheers the loudest at her daughters’ volleyball matches and jiujitsu competitions, taking pride in their achievements and resilience. Her love for red wine, fresh sushi, and a strong cup of coffee speaks to her appreciation for life’s finer moments. With a special place in her heart for dogs and elephants, she values loyalty and strength above all. Admiring those who balance confidence with humility, she also enjoys unwinding with her favorite Bravo reality shows.

Why Choose Elizabeth Mooney as Your Guide?

Soon to be Dr. Mooney, with a Ph.D. in Human Services focusing on Crisis, Disaster, and Intervention on the horizon, Elizabeth is about to add another accolade to her extensive expertise. Her Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling underlines her lifelong commitment to fostering wellness and compassion. As Dr. Jesse’s right hand, she infuses our practice with intelligence, passion, and an unwavering drive. Elizabeth is more than her role; she’s a beacon of strength and empathy, ensuring that Shorewood Elite Integrated Healthcare’s core pulses with understanding and excellence.

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