So something really cool happened today.

I had a mother and son come in and I actually had seen one of her older sons for quite some time. And unfortunately he had to move. He was lucky and got to move out of Illinois anyway. She told me was that she woke up. She knew that she needed to come see me, that she wanted to bring her son and herself and to seek care.

That was fuel for my fire.

I get some, every single day from everybody that comes into my office, but this was, again, just some more proof for me that I need to constantly be improving. I need to be listening to you guys so that together. We can get through this whatever it is that you may be going through.

And also what it told me was that, I may not be able to see the impact that I’m doing right now, that it may take years. But it’s humbling.

And just so you know, I’m going to be here for you guys.

My name is Dr. Jesse Lang Shorewood Elite healthcare, and I hope you have a wonderful evening.