We use x-rays to best determine exactly how we should take care of our patients.

One thing that can be shown is whether or not chiropractic treatment is even necessary. If there were issues such as growths on the vertebrae that could cause serious injury if a chiropractic adjustment were made, then it would be best to find another course of treatment.

However, if the x-rays reveal that the vertebrae are misaligned then it can help guide the chiropractor in exactly what type of adjustment needs to be made.

Diving Deeper

We utilize an evidence-informed approach to the use of radiography in the assessment of vertebral subluxation.

Doctors of chiropractic are responsible for determining the safety and appropriateness of chiropractic care. This responsibility includes the detection and characterization of vertebral subluxations, congenital and developmental anomalies which may affect the selection of chiropractic techniques, and conditions which may contraindicate certain chiropractic adjusting methods.

Furthermore, radiography may disclose conditions requiring referral to another type of health care provider.

As portal of entry, first contact health care providers, chiropractors are thoroughly trained to order, take x-rays and interpret the results of the studies.