What to Expect

What to Expectfrom your first appointment

During your first appointment, Dr. Jesse will discuss your health, lifestyle, and personal wellness goals. He will also perform a detailed examination to determine the underlying causes of your pain and any related symptoms.

How to Prepare for your first visit

  • To make your visit seamless and convenient, complete your digital intake forms before arriving.
  • Bring your insurance card, driver’s license, or state-issued ID.
  • We recommend wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.
First visit: Intake & Evaluation

Upon arrival, you will meet Dr. Jesse and begin by reviewing your new patient paperwork together. You will discuss your symptoms, pain, mobility issues, and wellness goals, then you will receive a complete neuro-musculoskeletal examination that includes:

  • Posture Analysis to assess anatomical alignment, muscle balance, and detect any irregularities.
  • Functional Movement Tests to identify any restrictive movement patterns that could impair performance.
  • Range of Motion Assessments to check for joint mobility limitations.
  • Orthopedic Evaluations to form an impression of musculoskeletal issues.
  • Neurological Examinations to size up nervous system functionality.
  • Motion X-rays, when medically required, to diagnose conditions that may be the cause of musculoskeletal disorders.
Second Visit: Diagnosis & Personalized Care Plan

Usually scheduled within two days of your evaluation, this 45-minute session with Dr. Jesse focuses on reviewing the results from your first appointment. The purpose of this visit is to clearly outline your treatment strategy and enhance your understanding of your health issues.‎ ‎

  • Review of Findings: Dr. Jesse will explain the results of your spinal and extremity analysis, highlighting any abnormalities and discussing how they relate to your symptoms and wellness goals. This review presents an opportunity for you to ask questions and understand more about your condition.󠀠
  • Personalized Care Plan: Based on the diagnostic results, Dr. Jesse will develop a care plan specifically for you. This plan includes tailored treatments, techniques, and therapies for maximum pain relief and ultimate wellness. You’ll likely receive your first chiropractic adjustment and other therapies during this visit to start addressing issues.
  • Insurance and Payment Options: Our care team will help review your insurance benefits and discuss the most cost-effective ways for you to receive treatment, ensuring you understand all your options, whether you have insurance or not.󠀠󠀠󠀠󠀠
  • Treatment and Therapies: Along with your chiropractic adjustments, you may receive an energy-boosting B12 injection to improve your overall vitality.󠀠
  • Complimentary Therapy: Select a bonus therapy to enhance your treatment.
    • Red-Light: Aids in tissue repair and pain relief.
    • StemWave: Offers advanced healing and pain management.
    • 15-Minute Zero Gravity Chair Massage: It’s luxurious, relaxing, restorative.

the shorewood eliteDifference

Our integrated healthcare model is designed to enhance patient outcomes and provide longer lasting results. Here’s how:

  • Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments to improve joint motion and biomechanical function.
  • StemWave Therapy to ‘trick’ the body into perceiving injury, kickstarting a cascade of natural healing responses including the migration of your own stem cells.
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy to address hormonal imbalances that often occur later in life.
  • Medical Weight-Loss to become leaner and fit with science-backed semaglutide.
  • Red-Light Therapy to alleviate muscle and joint pain while enhancing recovery and increasing energy.
  • IV Therapy to infuse a cocktail of essential nutrients directly into your system for instant impact.

  • Active Therapies to support your treatments by enhancing balance, flexibility, and stability. These in-office therapies aim to correct and retrain posture, boost muscle strength and mobility, and help prevent future injuries. Additionally, they promote long-term muscle memory to ensure lasting wellness and relief from pain.

what areWellness Goals?

Wellness goals are about identifying areas of your health you want to enhance and collaborating with your healthcare team to devise a strategy to achieve them. These goals are tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle and can include a variety of objectives such as:

    • Finding Relief from Pain to enable comfortable sitting, standing, or sleeping.
    • Returning to Favorite Activities to safely return to activities like running, hiking, and biking.
    • Regaining Mobility and Flexibility to restore movement and reduce stiffness.
    • Improving Mental Health to address issues like anxiety, depression, and stress management.
    • Enhancing Nutritional Health to support overall health and specific medical conditions.
    • Boosting Energy Levels to increase vitality and reduce fatigue.
    • Managing Chronic Conditions of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis more effectively.
    • Preventive Health Screenings and Check-Ups to catch potential health issues early.
    • Improving Cardiovascular Health to improve heart health and reduce risks of cardiovascular disease.
    • Achieving and Maintaining a Healthy Weight through a combination of diet, exercise, and possibly behavioral therapy.

      Love Dr. Jesse!!!! He is compassionate, understanding, and flexible!!! I’ve been seeing him for over three years for my chronic upper back/neck pain and he knows exactly how to help you feel better fast. I recently moved and I still drove 30 minutes to see Dr. Jesse because my back has been really flared up for the last few days… After some time on the traction table and a few expert adjustments I can stand up straight again!! Thank you Dr. Jesse!!!!!

      Samantha Aspel

      I am so very happy that I found Dr. Jesse Lang online! My husband was having some back pain and we have always used a natural approach to healing over conventional. Dr. Lang got to the root of his problem and felt better after his first visit. I too was having pain in my hip and started going for weekly visits and I feel so much better! Dr. Lang listens to all your concerns and helps to find the answers to alleviate your pain & discomfort. We always refer Dr. Lang to friends and family! Awesome!

      Deb Hibben

      Dr. Jesse Lang at Shorewood Elite Healthcare is the BEST! You will not be disappointed. I have many health issues and he has relieved so much of my pain. I was going to a pain Dr. and getting shots in my back, hip, leg with no success. Started going back to Dr. Jesse and with a few treatments feel so MUCH better. Plus he has a great personality, very upbeat, always a pleasure to be in his company.

      Deborah Bucher

      Love Dr. Jesse and staff! Always friendly and super accommodating! Dr. Jesse works hard to make sure you always leave feeling better than when you walked in. I never feel rushed, as he always takes the time to talk. He really gets to know his patients and treats them like family. As an added bonus, there are incredible massage chairs to sit in while you wait for your adjustment! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

      Kelly Cisco

      Dr Jesse is The best!! We have been with him for years I don’t trust anybody else with my family! He is a very caring and compassionate person and is more like family than a Dr. We love Dr Jesse.

      Sherri Tate

      Dr. Jesse is the best! We’ve been coming here for 3 years and we love it!

      Andy Sharik

      Great overall everything!! Service excellent, professionalism A1!! Excellent Excellent!!!

      LaToya Starks

      Dr. Jesse & staff are the BEST! Dr. Jesse is caring and compassionate. He remembers all the little details and makes you feel like a friend. He listens and never makes you feel rushed. The tools available in his office while waiting are also a nice perk. His staff is very responsive and so nice. Can’t recommend them enough.

      Kayli Hinson
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