a woman is being examined by a stemwave therapy

what isStemWave Therapy?

  • 15-minute treatment

  • activates stem cells

  • reduces inflammation

  • increases blood flow

  • fda-approved

StemWave therapy offers a revolutionary, non-invasive solution for pain relief and tissue regeneration, outperforming traditional methods such as medications and physical therapy. This drug-free technology enhances blood flow and activates stem cells using acoustic waves, tapping into the body’s natural healing abilities. It effectively reduces pain and promotes recovery, especially for conditions unresponsive to conventional treatments such as painkillers, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, even steroid or cortisol injections.

    areas ofTreatment

    • Elbow Pain
    • Neuropathy
    • Arthritis
    • Back Pain
    • Knee Pain
    • Tendonitis
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • +10 More Body Parts

    Benefitsof stemwave

    • Non-Invasive
    • Pharmaceutical-Free
    • Naturally Stimulates Healing
    • Reduces Pain & Inflammation
    • Increases Function & Mobility
    • Regenerates Damaged Tissue
    • Short Treatment Time
    • Improves Blood Flow
    • No Side-Effects

    What to Expectwith treatment

    Experience minimal discomfort—just a pulse of energy. Sessions typically last 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the specific diagnosis and area treated. The procedure involves applying a gel to the surface of the treatment area, followed by the use of the StemWave applicator to emit focused pulses. This non-invasive treatment does not require anesthesia or numbing creams. Patients often notice improvements after just one session due to decreased inflammation, enhanced blood flow, and activation of dormant stem cells. For more significant, lasting results, an average of 8-12 sessions is recommended.

    a woman is being examined by a stemwave therapy

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    FAQsfrequently asked questions

    Is StemWave FDA-cleared?

    Absolutely. StemWave therapy boasts FDA (510k) clearance for a range of uses, including enhancing blood supply, activating connective tissue, providing temporary pain relief, treating chronic diabetic foot ulcers, and addressing acute second-degree burns. Beyond that, StemWave is a patented and clinically validated treatment option, showing success rates ranging from 60–91% for various musculoskeletal and general pain concerns. It’s a trusted therapy utilized by esteemed medical institutions like the Cleveland Clinic, Shepherd’s Center, and Memorial Sloan Kettering, as well as by professional sports teams like the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls.

    What Happens on the First Day?

    Once you’ve finished the new patient paperwork at our convenient Shorewood location, you’ll meet with our passionate nurse practitioner, to discuss your health history and symptoms. With a better understanding of your unique case and, if qualified for treatment, our Nurse Practitioner will initiate your first treatment of up to 300 pulses.

    How Does StemWave Work?

    StemWave Therapy reduces inflammation by tricking the body into thinking it has been injured when, in reality, no damage has occurred. This stimulates the body’s natural response to heal the “damaged” area by increasing blood flow to the area, growing new blood vessels, and healing inflamed tissue. More importantly, StemWave has been shown to stimulate the migration of your own stem cells to promote long-term healing.

    What's the Treatment feel like?

    When you come in, our Nurse Practitioner will apply a gel to the treatment area. They’ll gently place the StemWave applicator on your skin. As it moves around, you’ll hear a clicking sound. Throughout the session, you’ll communicate with our Nurse Practitioner as they collect your biofeedback to pinpoint your optimal treatment areas. It is advised that you receive up to 300 pulses for fast-acting results. On average, a session lasts between 5 to 15 minutes.

    How soon Will I Feel the Results?

    In many cases, you’ll notice immediate improvement. More than 80% of our patients feel relief and improvement after just two sessions. However, the most significant progress typically occurs about 12 weeks after the final treatment, when resident stell cells are more fully activated and invigorated.

    Are There Any Side Effects?

    StemWave Therapy seldom leads to side effects. Sometimes, there might be slight redness and soreness, which usually subside within a day or two.

    Can I Use Insurance?

    Currently, StemWave Therapy is not covered by insurance.

    Who Is a Good Candidate for StemWave Therapy?

    Most individuals are suitable candidates for treatment. However, patients with pacemakers or current cancer might not be recommended for this therapy. Pregnant individuals can receive treatment in specific areas. StemWave is particularly effective for those who haven’t responded well to other treatments like pain medication, physical therapy, or even steroid and epidural injections.

    Can I Get Chiropractic Adjustments & StemWave Therapy?

    Absolutely! Chiropractic care primarily focuses on the skeletal structure and nervous system, while StemWave targets soft tissue and chronic inflammation. They complement each other beautifully to promote your body’s healing.

    How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

    Simply call our integrated healthcare clinic at (815) 436-1988. Our friendly staff will arrange an appointment time that suits your schedule. You can also sumbit the form below and we will contact you shortly.

    Where Is Your Office Located?

    We are conveniently located at 900 Geneva St, Shorewood, IL 60404 US

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    Love Dr. Jesse!!!! He is compassionate, understanding, and flexible!!! I’ve been seeing him for over three years for my chronic upper back/neck pain and he knows exactly how to help you feel better fast. I recently moved and I still drove 30 minutes to see Dr. Jesse because my back has been really flared up for the last few days… After some time on the traction table and a few expert adjustments I can stand up straight again!! Thank you Dr. Jesse!!!!!

    Samantha Aspel

    I am so very happy that I found Dr. Jesse Lang online! My husband was having some back pain and we have always used a natural approach to healing over conventional. Dr. Lang got to the root of his problem and felt better after his first visit. I too was having pain in my hip and started going for weekly visits and I feel so much better! Dr. Lang listens to all your concerns and helps to find the answers to alleviate your pain & discomfort. We always refer Dr. Lang to friends and family! Awesome!

    Deb Hibben

    Dr. Jesse Lang at Shorewood Elite Healthcare is the BEST! You will not be disappointed. I have many health issues and he has relieved so much of my pain. I was going to a pain Dr. and getting shots in my back, hip, leg with no success. Started going back to Dr. Jesse and with a few treatments feel so MUCH better. Plus he has a great personality, very upbeat, always a pleasure to be in his company.

    Deborah Bucher

    Love Dr. Jesse and staff! Always friendly and super accommodating! Dr. Jesse works hard to make sure you always leave feeling better than when you walked in. I never feel rushed, as he always takes the time to talk. He really gets to know his patients and treats them like family. As an added bonus, there are incredible massage chairs to sit in while you wait for your adjustment! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    Kelly Cisco

    Dr Jesse is The best!! We have been with him for years I don’t trust anybody else with my family! He is a very caring and compassionate person and is more like family than a Dr. We love Dr Jesse.

    Sherri Tate

    Dr. Jesse is the best! We’ve been coming here for 3 years and we love it!

    Andy Sharik

    Great overall everything!! Service excellent, professionalism A1!! Excellent Excellent!!!

    LaToya Starks

    Dr. Jesse & staff are the BEST! Dr. Jesse is caring and compassionate. He remembers all the little details and makes you feel like a friend. He listens and never makes you feel rushed. The tools available in his office while waiting are also a nice perk. His staff is very responsive and so nice. Can’t recommend them enough.

    Kayli Hinson
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