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what is Testosterone?

Testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, first appears in males eight weeks after conception. It is crucial for the development of male reproductive organs like the testicles and prostate, and also influences muscle mass, bone density, facial hair growth, libido, and sexual function.

Typically, testosterone levels peak during puberty but start to decrease around the age of 30. Alarmingly, over the past 20 years, there has been an unprecedented decline in men’s testosterone levels, unlike anything previously recorded in history.

    a woman is being examined by a stemwave therapy

    Currently, the typical 30-year-old man has testosterone levels comparable to those of a man twice his age, around 60 to 65 years old.

    Although there is no cure for low testosterone, it can be effectively managed using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Men have been utilizing TRT for over 90 years to alleviate the symptoms of low testosterone.

      the most frequently observed symptoms of low Testosterone includes:

      Urinary Issues

      Hot Flashes

      Night Sweats

      Cardio Issues

      Hair Loss

      Male Breast

      Low Libido

      Erectile Dysfunction

      Low Energy

      Increase Fat



      men undergoing Testosterone Replacement Therapymay experience the following:


      Improves mood

      Improves confidence

      Memory function

      Focus & cognition

      Heart Health

      Lower Cholesterol

      Decreases Blood Pressure

      Heart Health

      Lower Cholesterol

      Decreases Blood Pressure


      Muscle Growth

      Increases Strength

      Increases Endurance

      Abdominal Fat Loss

      Sexual Health

      Increases Sex Drive

      Endurance During Intercourse

      Increases Desire of Intimacy

      Maintain a Healthy Prostate

      Sexual Health

      Increases Sex Drive

      Endurance During Intercourse

      Increases Desire of Intimacy

      Maintain a Healthy Prostate


      Increases Bone Density

      Red Blood Cell Production

      Healthier Ligaments /



      Hair Growth

      Collagen Growth

      Healthier Skin & Hair

      Reduces Wrinkles


      Hair Growth

      Collagen Growth

      Healthier Skin & Hair

      Reduces Wrinkles

      Almost one in three men experience low testosterone, and it’s possible that the actual figure is even higher. Many men are unaware that they have low T, and some are hesitant to acknowledge it.

      It’s estimated that by 2025, an astonishing 10 million men in America will have low testosterone, making it one of the most commonly undiagnosed and untreated health conditions.

      boost your energy and libido!Free TRT Consult at Shorewood Elite Integrated Healthcare!

      Don’t Waste Another Day Feeling old, Tired, and Past Your Prime.

      With our bioidentical hormones, which are similar to the hormones produced by your body, we will bring your hormones to optimal, healthy levels – not just the average ‘normal’.

      Through our total-body approach to hormone optimization, which includes optimizing the levels of your thyroid, we are able to solve a wide range of problems associated with age-related hormone loss.

      In addition to the immediate improvements you will experience, testosterone replacement therapy is also preventive care – helping to ward off health threats and save you on healthcare costs in the long run.

      we will get you to your "Optimal" levels

      Say Goodbye to Feeling “Old”

      As you get older, you may feel tired, moody, and gain weight. HRT can help you feel better. HRT is when a doctor helps you get your hormones back to normal levels. It can help you feel more energetic, sleep better, have more muscle, feel more confident, and even lose weight. The doctor will make sure your hormones are healthy and youthful, so you can feel like yourself again.

      Boost Your Energy, Confidence and Strength

      Imagine what it will feel like to wake up rested, recharged, and ready to face any challenge that comes your way. This is how you were “meant” to feel! Patients tell us that life takes on a whole new meaning, and like a “fog” has been lifted.

      Real LIVE Support

      Our team of experts is available to you at anytime you feel you need support. You can come into our office or we offer telemedicine as well.

      easy trt home injection guide: Unbox & Use Your Testosterone Kit!


      Test C: 5 ML vial to start for most men


      Enclomiphene: this can be taken with your TRT for testicular protection


      Sub Q Needles: for easy home use typically twice per week.

      We know that the idea of taking injections at home can be daunting. But, as you can see from the video, it’s a rather painless (limited) and super quick way to get your testosterone levels to an optimal level.

      do we accept Insurance?how much does it cost out of pocket?

      We truly wish that we could accept insurance, but that just isn’t possible with the current structure.

      Buy Now. Pay Monthly. Let your money go further and take better control of your cash flow when you pay in smaller, more manageable monthly installments.

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      Labs can be done at a recommended location near you

      schedule your follow up appointment

      We will meet with you to go over your labs and put together your customized plan

      medication will be mailed to your home

      In a few short days you will have medication and be ready to start

      frequent follow ups with practitioner

      when can iExpect Results?

      Some patients start feeling much better in as little as 2 weeks.


      Experience enhanced energy, increased muscle strength, and improved sexual health with TRT


      Expertly designed Testosterone Replacement Therapy tailored to your individual needs


      Be like the thousands of men who have benefited from TRT at New Life Medical Centers


      Unlock your full potential with New Life Medical's Testosterone Replacement Therapy


      Get Back Your Edge with our elite Testosterone Replacement Therapy program

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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      In which states does Shorewood Elite Integrated Healthcare provide services?

      We offer our services in the state of Illinois, USA.

      Where is my medication sourced from?

      All medications are prescribed by a licensed healthcare provider and dispensed by an FDA-registered pharmacy in the USA. Prescriptions are issued only after a thorough medical screening and consultation with a provider.

      What do your Testosterone Replacement Therapy plans cover?

      The protocol is $299/month and includes:

      • Testosterone, Enclomiphene, Anastrazole (if necessary), unlimited consultations, all follow-up lab work, all supplies, all shipping/handling.

      $249/month for first responders and military.

      *Note: Medications are prescribed upon approval during the initial consultation. 

      Is it possible to receive TRT without undergoing blood work?

      No, it is not possible. A blood test is essential to determine if you are eligible for testosterone replacement therapy, as it’s the only method to accurately assess your needs.

      Can you accept results from home blood tests?

      Unfortunately, we do not accept results from home blood tests. While these tests are convenient, they do not allow for the verification of the identity of the individual who provided the sample. Such verification is crucial for blood draws and the prescription of medications, which home tests cannot provide.

      Are lab tests included in the TRT plans?

      Initial Lab Tests Cost Only $121—You Cover It. We Handle Follow-Up Costs Once You’re on Protocol. Tests at 8 Weeks, Then Every 6 Months.

      How frequently is blood work needed?

      Blood work is mandatory after the initial 10 weeks of treatment and subsequently every six months. The results from the 10-week labs are crucial for evaluating the patient’s response to the medication and determining if any adjustments are necessary to the treatment plan.

      How soon will I receive my medication after signing up and selecting a plan?

      Once you speak with our Nurse Practitioner, you will be directed to complete medical forms, intake forms, and upload your lab results along with a valid ID. After these steps are completed, we will schedule a consultation, and you will receive an email confirmation. Following your consultation, your medication will be delivered within 10 business days.

      How recent must my labs be if I provide them myself?

      Your provided labs must be no older than  4 months old and must cover the full panel that we require.

      How do you ship the medication?

      We ship all medications through FedEx. To monitor your package, we ask patients to download the FedEx mobile application for tracking.

      How can I order labs from Shorewood Elite Integrated Healthcare?

      To order labs, simply place your request call us at (815) 436-1988.

      Do I need to lower my testosterone levels if I'm already on TRT and want to switch to your clinic?

      No, you do not need to lower your testosterone levels if you are transferring from another clinic. We expect that your levels may be elevated, and it is not necessary to reduce them just to switch clinics.

      Am I allowed to travel with my medication?

      Yes, you can travel with your medication. However, it’s important to check the TSA guidelines for traveling with medications. For more information, visit the TSA website: https://www.tsa.gov/travel/travel-tips/can-you-pack-your-meds-pill-case-and-more-questions-answered

      How can I track my medication order?

      All medications are shipped through FedEx. To track your order, download the FedEx app here and register your address. Once FedEx processes your package, you will receive updates directly through the app.

      Do you have an age limit for treatment?

      Yes, our services are available only to patients who are 18 years of age and older.

      Where Is Your Office Located?

      We are conveniently located at 900 Geneva St, Shorewood, IL 60404 US


      Love Dr. Jesse!!!! He is compassionate, understanding, and flexible!!! I’ve been seeing him for over three years for my chronic upper back/neck pain and he knows exactly how to help you feel better fast. I recently moved and I still drove 30 minutes to see Dr. Jesse because my back has been really flared up for the last few days… After some time on the traction table and a few expert adjustments I can stand up straight again!! Thank you Dr. Jesse!!!!!

      Samantha Aspel

      I am so very happy that I found Dr. Jesse Lang online! My husband was having some back pain and we have always used a natural approach to healing over conventional. Dr. Lang got to the root of his problem and felt better after his first visit. I too was having pain in my hip and started going for weekly visits and I feel so much better! Dr. Lang listens to all your concerns and helps to find the answers to alleviate your pain & discomfort. We always refer Dr. Lang to friends and family! Awesome!

      Deb Hibben

      Dr. Jesse Lang at Shorewood Elite Healthcare is the BEST! You will not be disappointed. I have many health issues and he has relieved so much of my pain. I was going to a pain Dr. and getting shots in my back, hip, leg with no success. Started going back to Dr. Jesse and with a few treatments feel so MUCH better. Plus he has a great personality, very upbeat, always a pleasure to be in his company.

      Deborah Bucher

      Love Dr. Jesse and staff! Always friendly and super accommodating! Dr. Jesse works hard to make sure you always leave feeling better than when you walked in. I never feel rushed, as he always takes the time to talk. He really gets to know his patients and treats them like family. As an added bonus, there are incredible massage chairs to sit in while you wait for your adjustment! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

      Kelly Cisco

      Dr Jesse is The best!! We have been with him for years I don’t trust anybody else with my family! He is a very caring and compassionate person and is more like family than a Dr. We love Dr Jesse.

      Sherri Tate

      Dr. Jesse is the best! We’ve been coming here for 3 years and we love it!

      Andy Sharik

      Great overall everything!! Service excellent, professionalism A1!! Excellent Excellent!!!

      LaToya Starks

      Dr. Jesse & staff are the BEST! Dr. Jesse is caring and compassionate. He remembers all the little details and makes you feel like a friend. He listens and never makes you feel rushed. The tools available in his office while waiting are also a nice perk. His staff is very responsive and so nice. Can’t recommend them enough.

      Kayli Hinson
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