TAILORED SPORTS Care for Athletes

Being athletic and active is crucial for overall health and well-being. However, the physical demands of sports and exercise can take a toll on your body. Aches, pains, injuries, and misalignments, often pair with physical activity — hindering bodily functions and performance. Chiropractic care helps to avoid and heal sports-related injuries while optimizing the body for elite-level performance.

Even if you’re not a competitive athlete, maintaining an active lifestyle is beneficial for your health. Whether you’re beginning your fitness journey or are a seasoned athlete, our chiropractic and integrated healthcare services can help you reach your goals and perform at your best. Whether you’re a professional athlete, have a super-active job, or simply enjoy staying active, our integrated healthcare team is here to support your health and performance goals.

How athletes Benefit from integrated healthcare

Our comprehensive approach ensures that each athlete receives tailored treatments to support their unique needs and goals, enhancing their overall health and performance. Some of these benefits include:

correcting misalignments

Ensuring your spine and joints are properly aligned can improve mobility and flexibility, optimize spinal alignment, and enhance overall body mechanics. Proper alignment supports nerve function, contributing to improved athletic performance.

reducing muscle tension

Alleviating tension in your muscles, tendons, and ligaments enhances performance and reduces pain. Chiropractic adjustments can reduce inflammation, promote quicker recovery from injuries, and support non-invasive, drug-free pain management.

improving range of motion

Restoring proper alignment helps increase your range of motion, allowing you to move more freely. Enhanced mobility and flexibility are crucial for athletic activities and can significantly improve performance while reducing the risk of strains and sprains.

injury prevention

Regular chiropractic care maintains proper joint function and muscular balance, reducing the risk of injuries. Chiropractors can identify and address minor misalignments or imbalances before they lead to more significant issues, supporting long-term athletic health.

faster recovery

Chiropractic adjustments improve blood flow and nutrient delivery to injured areas, accelerating the healing process. Techniques like soft tissue therapy and joint manipulation aid in reducing pain and inflammation, promoting faster recovery.

enhanced balance and coordination

Chiropractic care can enhance proprioception (awareness of body position) and balance, critical for athletic activities. Better coordination leads to improved performance and reduced injury risk.


how Dr. Jesse helps Athletes perform better

Our integrated healthcare team conducts thorough evaluations of your spine, joints, ligaments, and muscles to identify any issues that may be holding you back. We utilize spinal adjustments, advanced therapies, and personalized treatment plans to correct misalignments and restore proper function.

spinal adjustments

These gentle maneuvers correct misalignments, improve mobility, and decrease pain. By optimizing spinal alignment, we enhance overall body mechanics and support nerve function, contributing to better athletic performance.

injury prevention and recovery

Chiropractors are trained in sports medicine and can help prevent injuries and expedite recovery from rigorous training and performance. Through regular care, we maintain proper joint function and muscular balance, reducing the risk of injuries. Techniques such as soft tissue therapy and joint manipulation aid in reducing inflammation and promoting faster healing.

stemwave laser therapy

We utilize advanced Stemwave laser therapy to accelerate tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain. This non-invasive treatment enhances cellular function and promotes rapid recovery, helping athletes get back to their peak performance more quickly.


Our healthcare team recommends high-quality supplements to support your overall health and athletic performance. These supplements can provide essential nutrients, improve energy levels, and enhance recovery, ensuring you perform at your best.

testosterone replacement therapy (trt)

For athletes experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, we offer Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) to help restore hormonal balance. TRT can improve energy levels, muscle mass, and overall well-being, contributing to better athletic performance and recovery.

thorough evaluations

Our team conducts comprehensive assessments of your spine, joints, ligaments, and muscles. These evaluations help us identify any imbalances, misalignments, or other issues that might impact your performance or lead to injuries.

manual techniques

In addition to spinal adjustments, we use various manual techniques to address specific needs. This includes soft tissue therapy to alleviate muscle tension, improve blood flow, and enhance flexibility, all of which are crucial for athletic performance.


customized treatment plans

We create personalized treatment plans tailored to the specific needs and goals of each athlete. These plans may include spinal adjustments, advanced therapies, exercise recommendations, and lifestyle advice to support optimal performance and health. 

holistic approach

Our integrated healthcare approach addresses both physical and mental aspects of well-being. By promoting holistic health, we support not only physical recovery and performance but also mental and emotional well-being, leading to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Professional athletes from various sports receiving chiropractic adjustments to enhance performance and maintain health.



ultimate wellness package

Live your best life. Receive a Complete Health Assessment, Motion X-rays (as needed), Chiropractic Adjustments, one StemWave Therapy or Red-Light Therapy Session, an Energizing B12 Injection, plus more!

*Disclaimer: Although welcome for treatment, these patients are excluded from special offers:  Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, and other government healthcare program participants, personal injury, and worker’s compensation claimants.

Dr. Jesse Lang

Dr. Jesse has refined his diagnosis and treatment protocols over 15+ years across an array of clinical environments, catering to the health needs of a wide range of patients, ranging from infants to the elderly.

How Often Should athletes See a Chiropractor?

The frequency of chiropractic visits depends on your individual health needs and lifestyle. Our team will assess your health history and current condition to develop a personalized wellness plan. Some patients may need multiple visits per week, while others benefit from monthly check-ins. Everyone’s health is unique, and we tailor our approach to ensure you receive the best care possible.

De-stress, unwind, & refuel at our rejuvenation station

Common Sports Injurieswe see and treat

Sports can lead to various injuries affecting muscles, joints, and ligaments. Our integrated care is effective for a wide range of sports-related injuries, including:

strains & sprains

Chiropractic adjustments and manual techniques help alleviate pain and inflammation from muscle strains and ligament sprains, promoting faster healing and restoring function.

muscle tears & joint dislocations

Chiropractic aids in the recovery of muscle tears and joint dislocations by improving alignment, reducing inflammation, and promoting healing.

runners knee

Joint (and even spinal) adjustments improve knee alignment and function, along with other therapies to reduce inflammation and support recovery from Runner’s Knee.

shin splints

Through targeted adjustments and soft tissue therapy, we address the underlying causes of shin splints, reducing pain and preventing recurrence.

tennis & golfers elbow

Specific adjustments and soft tissue therapies reduce pain and inflammation in the elbow, promoting healing and preventing further injury.

achilles tendinitis

StemWave therapy, adjustments, and soft tissue techniques will reduce pain, inflammation, and support tissue repair.


Ready To Join 100+ Million Americans Benefiting From All-Natural, Drug & Surgery-Free Chiropractic Care?

Even if you’re not a competitive athlete, maintaining an active lifestyle is beneficial for your health. Whether you’re beginning your fitness journey or are a seasoned athlete, our chiropractic services can help you reach your goals and perform at your best. Don’t wait until you’re injured to seek chiropractic care. Feel and perform your best with the top-rated chiropractic care for athletes in Shorewood. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your overall health and performance.

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reduce pain & inflammation

Feel, Function, Live Better!

  • [1] ⬆ Compared to Traditional Care 40% 40%
  • [2] ⬇ Surgeries & Procedures 62% 62%
  • [3] ⬇ Pharmaceutical Costs 85% 85%
  • [4] ⬇ Hospital Visits 60% 60%

[5] Did You Know? Chiropractic is Recommended by the Joint Commission

In 2018, The Joint Commission introduced updated safety guidelines that advocate for the adoption of non-opioid treatments to decrease or avoid the usage and prescription of opioids, thereby reducing associated side effects and the risk of addiction and abuse. They highlight spinal manipulation (chiropractic care) as a recommended alternative and emphasize the importance of equipping healthcare organizations with the necessary resources and support to enable clinicians to offer non-opioid treatment alternatives to their patients.

source [1]: national library of medicine  source [2]: pubmed®  source [3]: pubmed®  source [4]: pubmed®  source [5]: the joint commission

Upon arrival, you will meet Dr. Jesse and begin by reviewing your New Patient Paperwork together. We will discuss your symptoms, pain, mobility issues, and wellness goals. This includes conversation about your job, hobbies, injuries, sleep patterns, dietary habits, stress levels, and chronic conditions. We take a holistic approach to address immediate concerns while anticipating causale and future issues, providing a precise diagnosis and properly personalized care plan.

an elite-levelEvaluationto accurately diagnose

  • Posture Analysis to assess anatomical alignment, and muscle balance, and detect any irregularities.
  • Functional Movement Tests to identify any restrictive movement patterns that could impair performance.
  • Range of Motion Assessments to check for joint mobility limitations.
  • Orthopedic Evaluations to form an impression of musculoskeletal issues.
  • Neurological Examinations to size up nervous system functionality.
  • Motion X-rays, when medically required, to diagnose conditions that may be the cause of musculoskeletal disorders.

areX-Raysalways necessary?

At Shorewood Elite Integrated Healthcare, we prescribe X-rays only when essential for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. X-rays help identify the source of pain, rule out serious conditions like fractures or dislocations, and monitor treatment progress. X-rays enable Dr. Jesse to best target treatments for your individual needs and confirm structural alignment. In the event that serious issues are detected, we will promptly refer you to your most relevant medical specialist. Our careful use of X-rays ensures tailored and safe treatment while providing reassurance that all decisions are based on thorough diagnostic information. This is a testament to our exceptional track record of patient satisfaction.


Love Dr. Jesse!!!! He is compassionate, understanding, and flexible!!! I’ve been seeing him for over three years for my chronic upper back/neck pain and he knows exactly how to help you feel better fast. I recently moved and I still drove 30 minutes to see Dr. Jesse because my back has been really flared up for the last few days… After some time on the traction table and a few expert adjustments I can stand up straight again!! Thank you Dr. Jesse!!!!!

Samantha Aspel

I am so very happy that I found Dr. Jesse Lang online! My husband was having some back pain and we have always used a natural approach to healing over conventional. Dr. Lang got to the root of his problem and felt better after his first visit. I too was having pain in my hip and started going for weekly visits and I feel so much better! Dr. Lang listens to all your concerns and helps to find the answers to alleviate your pain & discomfort. We always refer Dr. Lang to friends and family! Awesome!

Deb Hibben

Dr. Jesse Lang at Shorewood Elite Healthcare is the BEST! You will not be disappointed. I have many health issues and he has relieved so much of my pain. I was going to a pain Dr. and getting shots in my back, hip, leg with no success. Started going back to Dr. Jesse and with a few treatments feel so MUCH better. Plus he has a great personality, very upbeat, always a pleasure to be in his company.

Deborah Bucher

Love Dr. Jesse and staff! Always friendly and super accommodating! Dr. Jesse works hard to make sure you always leave feeling better than when you walked in. I never feel rushed, as he always takes the time to talk. He really gets to know his patients and treats them like family. As an added bonus, there are incredible massage chairs to sit in while you wait for your adjustment! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Kelly Cisco

Dr Jesse is The best!! We have been with him for years I don’t trust anybody else with my family! He is a very caring and compassionate person and is more like family than a Dr. We love Dr Jesse.

Sherri Tate

Dr. Jesse is the best! We’ve been coming here for 3 years and we love it!

Andy Sharik

Great overall everything!! Service excellent, professionalism A1!! Excellent Excellent!!!

LaToya Starks

Dr. Jesse & staff are the BEST! Dr. Jesse is caring and compassionate. He remembers all the little details and makes you feel like a friend. He listens and never makes you feel rushed. The tools available in his office while waiting are also a nice perk. His staff is very responsive and so nice. Can’t recommend them enough.

Kayli Hinson

At Shorewood Elite Integrated Healthcare, We Believe Everyone Deserves to Be Healthy & Live Their Best Life

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