Who We Are

At Shorewood Elite Integrated Healthcare, we have a team driven by a shared passion for holistic wellness and dedicated patient care.

With over 12 years of chiropractic experience, Dr. Jesse Lang leads our practice. His commitment to helping others stems from a strong work ethic and a genuine love for people, animals, and music. Director of Operations Elizabeth Mooney brings a wealth of expertise in mental health counseling, focusing on trauma and crisis intervention. Our warm and welcoming front desk receptionist, Alexis Castleberry, ensures a smooth experience for our patients. Additionally, Family Nurse Practitioner Lindsay Crawford, with a diverse healthcare background, specializes in integrative therapies, offering a range of services for a comprehensive approach to health and wellness.

Meet Our Team

Jesse Lang

Dr. Jesse Lang

From Rural Roots to Healing Hands

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A journey from country roads to suburban clinics, Dr. Jesse Lang embodies a powerful work ethic forged in the factories, bars, and water treatment plants of his past. His heart beats with a passion for helping others, his spirit dances to the rhythm of music, and his soul finds solace in the company of animals. Loyalty and sincerity are the cornerstones of his character, evident in every facet of his life. As a proud father to two daughters, he nurtures a legacy of kindness and strength.

What Fires His Soul?

Dr. Lang’s heart races with the thrill of travel, particularly with the warm embrace of sun-soaked destinations. Water is his sanctuary, whether he’s gliding through it, floating upon it, or simply basking beside it. Music is his companion through life’s highs and lows, both in its melodies and the magic he creates when he plays. Time spent with cherished friends and family is treasured above all. And, of course, his taste buds savor the adventure of new cuisines, both in exploring restaurants and mastering the art of the kitchen.

Why Trust Dr. Jesse Lang?

With a Doctorate in Chiropractic and a Master’s in Sports Science and Rehabilitation from Logan University, Dr. Lang’s expertise is second to none. Over twelve years in practice, including five as a practice owner, he has honed his skills in various settings, meeting diverse patient needs. From newborns to seasoned adults, his touch brings healing. His certification in Acute Management of Traumatic Injuries (AMTI) further solidifies his commitment to the well-being of his patients, especially in matters of spinal trauma.


Elizabeth Mooney

The Anchor of Shorewood Elite Integrated Healthcare

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Elizabeth Mooney is not just the Director of Operations at Shorewood Elite Healthcare; she’s the steady hand guiding the ship, a Certified Mental Health Counselor with a profound understanding of the human spirit. Her past work with survivors of domestic violence, those wrestling with PTSD, and individuals battling substance abuse showcases a heart steeped in empathy and a resolve to mend the broken. Loyalty is her calling card, and she approaches life as a lifelong learner, seeking solutions despite adversity.

Her Joys and Passions?

Elizabeth’s heart beats to the rhythm of travel, especially under the caress of warm climates, free from the buzz of mosquitoes. She finds her truest joy in witnessing her daughters excel in volleyball and master the art of jiujitsu. Red wine, fresh sushi, and a cup of robust coffee are the elixirs that fuel her days. In her world, dogs and elephants are cherished companions, embodying the loyalty and strength she holds dear. She admires confident souls who wear their humility like a badge of honor and finds guilty pleasure in Bravo reality shows.

Why Entrust Elizabeth Mooney?

Soon to be Dr. Mooney, she’s on the cusp of earning a Ph.D. in Human Services specializing in Crisis, Disaster, and Intervention, adding another layer to her already impressive repertoire. Her Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling is a testament to her unwavering dedication to the well-being of others. As Dr. Jesse’s +1, she brings an intelligent, passionate, and driven perspective that complements the practice seamlessly. Elizabeth is not just a name on a title; she’s a force, a cornerstone of strength, and a pillar of compassion, ensuring that the heart of Shorewood Elite Integrated Healthcare beats with empathy and expertise.

Lindsay Crawford

Lindsay Crawford, FNP-BC

Guiding Your Wellness Journey

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Lindsay Crawford, FNP-BC, stands as the torchbearer of health at Shorewood Elite Integrated Healthcare. Her reputation for a tireless work ethic and a readiness to support her colleagues define her professional ethos. Lindsay’s heartbeat resonates with a profound desire to guide others on their path to well-being, committed to unveiling the healthiest versions of themselves. An avid animal lover, she shares her home with two dogs and three cats, a testament to her boundless affection for furry companions.

Her Pursuits and Pleasures?

Lindsay thrives in the pulse of live concerts, finding solace in the energy of music. The outdoors is her sanctuary, a realm where she seeks solace and rejuvenation. Her favorite pastime is road trips with their promise of new vistas and adventures. The allure of anything blackberry-flavored is a delightful indulgence, and she immerses herself in the world of documentaries and crime shows. In her home gym, she crafts her strength, prioritizing her well-being.

Why Rely on Lindsay Crawford?

With a Master of Nursing Family Practice from Northern Illinois University (2020) and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Chamberlain College of Nursing (2013), Lindsay’s education is the foundation of her expertise. Her journey in the healthcare field since 2011 reflects her unwavering dedication to her line of work.

Through diverse practice settings in trauma, oncology, urgent care, primary care, and skilled nursing facilities, she’s honed her skills, ensuring a comprehensive approach to patient care. Over the past year, Lindsay’s personal journey has illuminated the profound significance of health. This newfound perspective that it is never too late to embark on a wellness journey fuels her passion.

Her specialization in a range of integrative therapies and services at Shorewood Elite Integrated Healthcare, including Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Trigger Point Injections, Weight loss, Peptides, Hormone health, and StemWave (TRT), showcases her commitment to holistic well-being. When you seek care from Lindsay Crawford, you’re not just receiving expertise; you’re embarking on a transformative journey towards a healthier, happier you.

Alexis Castleberry

Alexis Castleberry

Welcoming You to Shorewood Elite Integrated Healthcare

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Alexis Castleberry is the radiant face that greets you at Shorewood Elite Integrated Healthcare, embodying the warm embrace of a small-town upbringing in Morris, IL. Her heart finds solace in country settings, and her roots run deep in this tight-knit community. A proud alumna of Morris High School, she carries the spirit of her hometown in every interaction.

Her Passions and Pleasures?

Alexis is a seeker of adventure, finding her bliss in road trips that lead to the heart of national parks. Her eyes light up with pride as she watches her son take the field in T-ball games. Reading is her sanctuary; she opens her heart and home to foster needy animals. From savoring culinary delights to conquering long-distance runs, she approaches life with an appetite for vibrant and varied things.

Why Trust Alexis Castleberry?

Family is the cornerstone of Alexis’s world, and this orientation towards kinship infuses every facet of her life. Her personality is a bubbling fountain of positivity, spreading smiles wherever she goes. With a background in medical office settings, she brings a wealth of knowledge and an innate sense of organization to her role. Alexis communicates with grace and respect, creating an environment of trust and comfort for every visitor. When you interact with Alexis, you’re not just met with a receptionist; you’re met with a beacon of warmth and efficiency, ensuring that your journey with Shorewood Elite Integrated Healthcare starts with a radiant welcome.

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